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What is JunglSeha?

The basic need of Healthcare for all remains a challenge in developing countries due to issues in access, affordability and quality. UNSDG #3 progress has been put back ~ 5 yrs in developing countries due to the current COVID Pandemic.

With the vision of providing universal healthcare to all at disruptive prices, Jungl Seha aims to solve the issues of healthcare access without regard to socio- economic situation, geographic location or society barriers.

Our Solution

  • Virtual healthcare model that gives a complete patient management solution.
  • Chronic disease protocols automatically triggered from our Electronic Management Records system.
  • Regular scheduled calls from our doctors.
  • Medication and dosing adjustments to ensure appropriate disease control.
  • Regular labs scheduled automatically through our laboratories.
  • Automatic dispatch of drugs/supplements by our pharmacy.
  • Overall better patient outcomes as compared to conventional healthcare.
  • Affordable household monthly subscription for Universal Healthcare.